A truth | Newborn Photographer Melbourne

There is no formula to you
No recipe for the lessons ahead
No manual for the moments you are yet to know
Your journey is not mapped out
Your formation was not fixed
Your future is as infinite as your spirit
Your path has not yet been worn
You are not a formula
You are a truth.

No Formula - Newborn Photography by Kristen Cook //

Every Part | Melbourne Newborn Photographer

Every cell
Every line
Every bump
Every blink
Every crevice
Every hair
Every curve
Every wisp
Every breath

Every. Thing.

Every Part - Newborn Photography by Kristen Cook //

New website launch

Kristen Cook - new website //

I am so very happy to unveil a brand new website for Kristen Cook | Photographer.

It has been a little labour of love in the making having quite the journey, and I hope that you will pay me a visit and stay for a while in my own little virtual corner of the world.

Unwind. Explore. Enjoy.

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