Choosing the perfect name for your little one is an exciting yet challenging task for every expectant parent. Over the years, the realm of baby names has evolved, with some timeless classics and delightful new additions gaining popularity.

At Kristen Cook Studio, we’ve had the privilege of capturing beautiful moments of families welcoming their tiny humans into this world. In this article, we present the most popular baby names we have captured in our Melbourne newborn photography studio, hoping to inspire and assist you in finding the ideal name for your little love!

30 Popular Boys’ Names

  1. Oliver
    Meaning: Derived from Latin, Oliver means “olive tree.” It symbolises peace and fertility and has a timeless appeal.
  2. Jack
    Meaning: Originally a nickname for John, Jack signifies “God is gracious.” It exudes strength and simplicity.
  3. Noah
    Meaning: Of Hebrew origin, Noah symbolises “comfort” and “rest.” It continues to be a beloved name for its biblical significance.
  4. Leo
    Meaning: Leo, meaning “lion” in Latin, carries a confident and courageous aura, making it a popular choice.
  5. William
    Meaning: Of Old German origin, William means “strong-willed warrior.” Its classic sound makes it a cherished name.
  6. Mason
    Meaning: Mason, derived from Old French, refers to a “stone worker.” It has gained popularity for its modern charm.
  7. Ethan
    Meaning: Ethan, of Hebrew origin, translates to “strong” or “enduring.” It appeals to parents seeking a resilient name.
  8. Henry
    Meaning: Henry, of Germanic origin, signifies “ruler of the household.” Its regal sound and historical significance make it a favourite.
  9. Thomas
    Meaning: Of Aramaic origin, Thomas means “twin.” This classic name has maintained its appeal over the years.
  10. Archie
    Meaning: Archie, of Germanic origin, is a shortened form of Archibald, meaning “genuine,” “bold,” or “brave.” It exudes a sense of charm and playfulness.
  11. Liam
    Meaning: A shortened form of William, Liam continues to be a popular name on its own. It means “strong-willed warrior.”
  12. Alexander
    Meaning: Of Greek origin, Alexander signifies “defender of the people.” It portrays strength and leadership.
  13. James
    Meaning: With Hebrew roots, James means “supplanter.” This timeless name remains a popular choice.
  14. Aiden
    Meaning: Aiden, originating from Irish and Gaelic, means “little fire” or “fiery one.” It symbolises passion, energy, and determination.
  15. Lucas
    Meaning: Lucas, derived from Latin, means “light-giving” or “illumination.” It has a modern and radiant aura.
  16. Daniel
    Meaning: Of Hebrew origin, Daniel signifies “God is my judge.” It has an enduring and noble essence.
  17. Samuel
    Meaning: Samuel, with Hebrew roots, means “heard by God.” It carries a spiritual and comforting resonance.
  18. Max
    Meaning: Max, short for Maximilian, means “greatest” or “the most excellent.” It is a popular choice for its simplicity.
  19. Harrison
    Meaning: Harrison, of English origin, refers to “son of Harry.” It has gained popularity for its elegant sound.
  20. Charlie
    Meaning: A diminutive of Charles, Charlie means “free man” or “manly.” Its friendly and approachable sound appeals to parents.
  21. Oscar
    Meaning: Oscar, with Irish and Gaelic origins, means “champion warrior” or “deer lover.” It portrays strength and admiration for nature.
  22. Joshua
    Meaning: Joshua, with Hebrew roots, means “the Lord is my salvation.” It carries spiritual strength and guidance.
  23. Xavier:
    Meaning: Xavier, of Basque and Arabic origins, signifies “bright,” “splendid,” or “new house.” It carries an aura of intelligence and innovation.
  24. Louis
    Meaning: Louis, of French and Germanic origin, means “famous warrior” or “renowned warrior.” It carries a sense of strength, bravery, and nobility, making it a name of prestige and timeless appeal.
  25. Finn
    Meaning: Finn, of Irish and Gaelic origins, signifies “fair,” “white,” or “clear.” It embodies purity, brightness, and an adventurous spirit.
  26. Elijah
    Meaning: With Hebrew roots, Elijah means “Yahweh is God.” It is a strong and enduring name.
  27. Cooper
    Meaning: Cooper, originating from Middle English, refers to a “barrel maker” or “craftsman.” It symbolises craftsmanship and ingenuity.
  28. Sebastian
    Meaning: Derived from Latin, Sebastian means “venerable” or “revered.” It has a distinguished and sophisticated aura.
  29. Hunter
    Meaning: Hunter, as the name suggests, represents a skilled tracker or huntsman. It embodies a strong and adventurous spirit.
  30. Lachlan
    Meaning: Lachlan, with Scottish Gaelic roots, translates to “land of the lochs” or “from the fjord-land.” It embodies a connection to nature and tranquility.

30 Popular Girls’ Names

  1. Ava
    Meaning: Ava, of Latin origin, symbolises “life” or “bird.” Its elegance and simplicity have made it a popular choice.
  2. Mia
    Meaning: Mia means “mine” or “wished-for child” in Latin. Its sweet and melodic sound has captured the hearts of many parents.
  3. Isla
    Meaning: Isla, derived from Spanish, means “island.” Its natural and serene essence has gained popularity in recent years.
  4. Harper
    Meaning: Originally a surname, Harper carries literary and musical associations, making it a favoured gender-neutral name.
  5. Charlotte
    Meaning: Of French origin, Charlotte means “free man” or “petite.” Its regal and timeless sound appeals to parents.
  6. Grace
    Meaning: Grace, derived from Latin, signifies “elegance” or “divine favour.” It has a timeless and graceful essence.
  7. Amelia
    Meaning: Amelia, of Germanic origin, translates to “work” or “effort.” Its soft and sophisticated sound has made it a beloved name.
  8. Olivia
    Meaning: Olivia, with Latin roots, means “olive tree.” It has a classic and graceful aura.
  9. Sophia
    Meaning: Of Greek origin, Sophia signifies “wisdom.” This elegant and timeless name continues to be a popular choice.
  10. Ruby
    Meaning: Ruby, derived from the gemstone, symbolises “red.” Its vibrant and precious nature appeals to parents.
  11. Willow
    Meaning: Willow, inspired by the tree, signifies “grace” or “slender.” Its nature-inspired essence has gained popularity.
  12. Lily
    Meaning: Lily, derived from the flower, symbolises “purity” and “beauty.” It carries a delicate and timeless charm.
  13. Emily
    Meaning: Of Latin origin, Emily means “rival” or “eager.” This enduring and elegant name has been cherished by parents.
  14. Scarlett
    Meaning: Scarlett, inspired by the vibrant colour, signifies “red” or “scarlet cloth.” Its bold and passionate essence resonates with parents.
  15. Chloe
    Meaning: Chloe, with Greek roots, means “young green shoot” or “blooming.” It carries a fresh and youthful aura.
  16. Isabella
    Meaning: Of Hebrew origin, Isabella translates to “God is my oath.” This timeless and elegant name continues to be popular.
  17. Ella
    Meaning: Ella, derived from Germanic origins, means “fairy maiden” or “beautiful.” It has a whimsical and melodic sound.
  18. Zoe
    Meaning: Zoe, with Greek roots, means “life” or “alive.” Its lively and spirited nature has made it a popular choice.
  19. Layla
    Meaning: Layla, of Arabic origin, translates to “night” or “dark beauty.” Its exotic and melodic sound has gained popularity.
  20. Aria
    Meaning: Aria, with Italian roots, means “air” or “melody.” It carries a lyrical and musical appeal.
  21. Matilda
    Meaning: Of Germanic origin, Matilda signifies “mighty in battle” or “strength in battle.” Its historical and strong sound appeals to parents.
  22. Violet
    Meaning: Violet, inspired by the flower, symbolises “purple” or “modesty.” Its soft and vintage essence has gained popularity.
  23. Ellie
    Meaning: Ellie, short for Eleanor, means “bright shining one.” Its friendly and approachable sound resonates with parents.
  24. Eva
    Meaning: Eva, of Hebrew origin, means “life” or “living.” Its simple and international appeal has made it a popular choice.
  25. Hazel
    Meaning: Hazel, inspired by the hazelnut tree, signifies “the hazel tree.” Its nature-inspired charm resonates with parents.
  26. Stella
    Meaning: Stella, with Latin roots, translates to “star.” It has an ethereal and celestial aura.
  27. Hannah
    Meaning: Of Hebrew origin, Hannah means “favour” or “grace.” Its timeless and gentle essence appeals to parents.
  28. Penelope
    Meaning: Penelope, of Greek origin, means “weaver” or “duck.” Its literary and whimsical sound has gained popularity.
  29. Sienna
    Meaning: Sienna, of Italian origin, is derived from the name of a reddish-brown clay used in art. It symbolises earthy warmth and artistic inspiration.
  30. Mila
    Meaning: “Mila” is of Slavic origin and signifies “gracious” or “dear.” Its charming and elegant essence has gained popularity, making it a beloved choice for parents seeking a modern and timeless name.

To all the proud parents-to-be, may you find inspiration in this collection of popular baby names and embark on a voyage of meaning and significance. As you welcome the newest addition to your family, may their name resonate with love, hope, and joy.

As the years pass and memories are etched in time, may the echoes of these names continue to resonate, a testament to the timeless bond between a name and the precious life it represents.