Bringing a newborn into the world is a truly magical experience and as new parents to a tiny human, it’s absolutely understandable that you want to cherish every precious moment in those beautiful early days.. That’s where we come in – our studio specialises in newborn photography, capturing those early, hazy, emotion-filled moments with care, artistic vision and attention to detail. Let us guide you through what to expect during a newborn photography session ensuring you are prepared for the experience and helping you create little moments with big memories.

Preparing for the Session

Before your newborn photography session, we recommend taking a few simple steps to ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience. First and foremost, schedule your session in advance to secure a time slot around your due date. Newborn sessions are ideally done within the first two weeks after birth when babies are most sleepy and relaxed.

To keep your baby comfortable during the session, make sure they are well-fed and have had a good nap beforehand. Dressing them in a loose-fitting onesie will make it easier to transition them into the wraps that we provide in studio.

You don’t need to worry about bringing anything special with you, we have everything here that you will need including a fully stocked changing station.

The Studio Atmosphere

Stepping into our studio (affectionately known as “baby spa”) you will be greeted with a warm and calming atmosphere designed to make you and your tiny human feel relaxed and at ease.

Our beautiful studio is meticulously set up with comfortable seating, on-trend decor and all the amenities needed to ensure a comfortable experience for you and your family.

During the Session

Your newborn session typically lasts around one to three hours, allowing ample time for feeding, changing, and soothing your little one as needed. We understand that newborns have their own schedule and may require breaks for cuddles or soothing. As such, we are extraordinarily patient ensuring a calm environment for you and your little one.

During the session, our heart-centred approach is to let the natural beauty and innocence of your tiny human take centre stage. We prioritise creating a comfortable and nurturing environment that allows your little one to feel happy and relaxed, and understand the importance of capturing authentic moments rather than relying on forced poses or elaborate setups.

This is also why we encourage natural interactions and gentle movements, ensuring your baby feels safe and content throughout the process. Through years of training, we have a keen eye for capturing those spontaneous, heartwarming moments that truly reflect the essence of your newborn.

At Kristen Cook Studio, we pride ourselves on our distinctive style of work. We aim to create images that are timeless, emotive, and filled with the genuine love, right down to the smallest of details – the tiny fingers, the delicate features, and the sweet expressions – all the parts that make your darling love unique.

The Reveal

After the session, our team meticulously curates and enhances the best images from your session to celebrate your tiny love. We believe in preserving the authenticity of the moment, avoiding excessive retouching or artificial alterations and the final result is a collection of breathtaking photographs that capture the purity and love surrounding your newborn.

During the ordering appointment, you will have the opportunity to view your stunning images and choose from a range of exquisite products. From high-quality prints and canvases, digital files to custom-designed albums and digital collections, we offer a variety of options to suit your personal preferences and home decor. We will happily guide you in selecting the perfect pieces to showcase your baby’s first moments and create heirlooms that will be cherished for generations.


With our expertise, artistic vision, and dedication to creating an exceptional experience, we ensure that your newborn photography session is both memorable and enjoyable. From the comfortable studio atmosphere to the personalised attention and stunning final products, we are committed to creating art that celebrate this special time in your family’s life.

Contact us to schedule your session and embark on this unforgettable journey of capturing your baby’s first memories.