The online newborn retreat is a must for any newborn photographer wanting to take their work to the next level! The retreat offers to you 25+ instructors (including me!) who all share their experience on a variety of newborn-related topics, including posing, styling, marketing, editing + more. This retreat, by popular demand, I will be teaching all about DETAILS. The questions I am always asked most about when I share my work, is about my details – what lens I have used, what my settings are, and moreover “how did you do that?!“. So this year, my presentation is all about how I shoot my details, both with a macro lens and without. I will go right into technical data, lighting, composition and explain how you can shoot simple yet meaningful detail images that speak to the heart (including the image you see here which is part of the retreat)

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      Macro closeup of newborn baby lips in black and white


      This intimate day is aimed at those photographers connected to the exploration of beauty and simplicity in their newborn photography work and beyond. This is an authentic and delicate journey of heart and subject matter and will nourish your soul as well as provide you with the skills to transform your business. We discuss the importance of light, connection, and the subtle basics of organic baby-lead sessions. Similarly, we will also explore basic workflow, business and marketing ideas to help your business thrive. If you want to be challenged in your approach to your newborn photography and walk away feeling more grounded, connected and nurtured in your work, then I look forward to spending time with you at the workshop. To register your interest for upcoming workshops or to become a host in your own city, please enter your email address into the sign up form at the bottom of the page. Please note that workshops/mentoring sessions are only available to photographers more than 200km from Melbourne


      For those photographers wanting a more intimate and tailored day catered specifically to their interests and level of development, I offer very limited mentoring sessions per year. Designed as either single or small group sessions, these days are structured entirely around your own learning pace and provide a more intensive environment for your creative journey. To register your interest for upcoming mentoring sessions, please fill out your information via the Contact form. Please note that workshops/mentoring sessions are only available to photographers more than 200km from Melbourne

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