{Photo-a-Day Project: A personal project that I undertake every January for an entire month taking one photo a day of my children. This is the 10th year of this project.}

      Kristen Cook Photo-a-Day January Project 2018 :: Day 31 // www.kristencook.com.au

      Dear Heart:
      This past year for you hasn’t been the easiest.
      You’ve been bruised;
      Aching beneath the weight of a changing world –
      Yet every day, you beat.
      You continue to do so because you know how.
      Because it’s your certainty.
      Your constant.
      And still, every day, you love.
      Continually fuelled by the magic of these humans
      Humans formed from the very blood you keep.
      Humans who fill you with glorious wonder
      And a lightness that fills your core.
      They are the humans who magnify your existence
      And who teach you the unteachable.
      They heal the battered parts of you.
      They stitch back together the pieces that you can’t hold on your own;
      And they do this all without even trying
      Because they love, as you do.
      These are the days of your belonging.
      Where future foundations of memories are forged.
      Because every day, you love.
      You beat.
      You love.
      You beat.
      Yes, dear heart, you love.

      For memories //