{Photo-a-Day Project: A personal project that I undertake every January for an entire month taking one photo a day of my children. This is the 12th year of this project.}

      Kristen Cook Photo-a-Day January Project 2020 :: Day 25 // www.kristencook.com.au

      Today was the first time in five years you haven’t started school together. The morning was bittersweet – you were both excited to be starting back, but there was a gentle melancholy that you didn’t get to share in this experience together today.

      Being at school with Mia is all you’ve ever known, Charlie. This year, she starts high school at a completely different school and the adjustment, for all of us, will be felt immensely. I hope that you find your own sense of identity at a school that no longer has your sister in it, but has very much shaped the best years of your life.

      Tomorrow the world as you know it begins anew for you, Mia. New friends, classes, buildings, teachers, sights and sounds – all will be met with wide eyed anticipation and excitement from a certain twelve year old. The journey will be different to anything you’ve known; an emancipation of childhood spirit, all to be taken one step at a time.

      A new adventure awaits the both of you.

      Off you go x