{Photo-a-Day Project: A personal project that I undertake every January for an entire month taking one photo a day of my children. This is the 11th year of this project.}

      Kristen Cook Photo-a-Day January Project 2019 :: Day 27 // www.kristencook.com.au

      “Can you live on just water?”
      “Why do they call fish fingers, fish fingers? Do fish have fingers?”
      “Where do flies live?”
      “Would you rather eat with lots of wobbly teeth, or no teeth?”
      “How many people have ‘Mc’ in their surname?”
      “How is sand made?”
      “Why do some people have ‘outies’?”
      “Is it possible to crack your ears, like your fingers?”
      “How come people have the same type of roof?”
      “Do ants weigh anything?”
      “What’s the difference between raisins and sultanas?”
      “I love myself. Who else loves me??”

      … and more ongoing questions from The Bucket.