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Babies are infinitely giving and authentic. They are soulful, vulnerable, honest and pure – my aim during sessions is to connect with those qualities in each and every baby I have the pleasure to capture. Everything that is lovely, pure and honest in the world is reflected in them in those moments. For that reason, I am totally baby-led during my sessions. Your baby is my guide.

A session is more than simply taking photos of what I see. I want to create beautiful images from what I feel. More than anything, I want those moments to reflect the whole spirit and energy of who your little one is and who they will one day become. They, like anyone, still radiate the question ‘Who Am I?’ and it is with great respect that I am there to tell that story. When I hold them, I am holding your heart (and mine) in my hands.


I am a natural light photographer and my natural light studio is located only 20-25 minutes West of the Westgate Bridge in Melbourne, and the images you see in my galleries are reflective of this setting.

Newborn sessions (6-10 days old) tend to average approximately 180 minutes, and older baby sessions approximately 60-90 minutes.


My style has been described as clean, simple and organic. I prefer not to over-clutter or over-accessorise. The one tangible theme that I work with across every session I do is that it is all about the baby. For that reason, my styling remains minimalistic, modern and fresh.

Clothing choices for older babies also remain simplistic, and I would be happy to talk through any other styling considerations in detail prior to your session.


If you feel a connection with my work and would like to make a booking, please feel free to complete the Contact form on this website, or call me on 0411 447 011.

I look forward to meeting you.