Day 21: Is there anything more delicious in this world that tiny little toddler curls? I sometimes sit there with Mia on the couch and just wind her little ringlets through my fingers… just because I can! I used to have a head of curls when I was little (now it’s just stupidly wavy so I always wear it up) but these little curls of hers are so yummy I could stare at them all day long. I wish she had more!


      This is just too cute! I love your perspective.

      Kristen you images from this month are so beautiful, full of love and art. You amaze and inspire me x

      they are just perfect!! i am loving your bw’s for the photo a day, are you going to make a book of them?

      I love this shots, the soft DOF and pp is fabulous!

      First off I want to start by saying I love seeing your photo of the day of Mia. She is absolutely adorable. My son has little ringlets like that and I can’t seem to get my hands off. :) Thanks for sharing. I’m def becoming a fan :)

      Love those curls! She is darling!

      I have wavy hair that I hated until I read the book “Curly Girl” by Lorraine Massey – Changed the life of my hair!

      (P.S. I was introduced to your blog via blogs of photogs.)

      Look at that little ringlet! How cute is it! Beautiful treatment given to this!

      Her curls are precious…the DOF in this photo is beautiful!

      So very beautiful! My 4 year old has just started getting some little ringlets like this at the back of her neck and I took a very similar photo a few weeks ago. I love your blog Kristen and the glimpse into your life that the photo a day challenge has provided. Thanks for sharing!