{Photo-a-Day Project: A personal project that I undertake every January for an entire month taking one photo a day of my children.}

      As beautiful as the breath of first light over the horizon on a misty morning.
      In fact, even more so.


      It is beautiful..and a perfect part of her. I have been enjoying your photographs tremendously and the love that goes into each one of them.

      Sigh.. so beautiful. There is something about the back of a little one’s neck which is just so vulnerably beautiful to me. It’s one of my favourite parts of Lukey!!

      What a sweetie and such gorgeous hair. Stunning in black and white.

      Such a perfect little girl moment. I can remember flicking my hair around when I was little too. Lovely.

      those curls. i love. And I got to see the real thing yesterday hehe :D HUGS!!

      I love how it looks to spiral into one big curl. Lily’s hair does the same. I just adore it. Mia must get her lovely hair from her mummy. xx

      LOL that’s what started going through my head ‘I whip mah hair back and forth!’ Her hair is getting so long!

      Your B&W conversions are beyond stunning. Love this.

      *beautiful sigh*. that is all. xxx

      I knew you had to capture her gorgeous hair. I think you have every PAD so far. I can’t believe how much it has grown in 2 years. And I can’t get that song out of my head now… “whip my hair”… lol.

      wonderful capture of childhood! xoxo