{Photo-a-Day Project: A personal project that I undertake every January for an entire month taking one photo a day of my children.}

      January 2014 Photo a Day by Kristen Cook // Day 22

      You used to have curls.
      Every year I have documented them.
      Every year I have cherished them.
      This year, the vision has changed.
      You told me you didn’t want long hair anymore.
      You begged me to take you to the hairdresser.
      You wanted to feel more grown up.
      I knew those beautiful curls would be gone.
      This past year I have longed for the miracle that would make those curls reappear.
      To restore that part of your babyhood that had been cut away.
      To return that piece of you I had lost forever.
      But today…
      Today I make peace with it.
      Today I let go.
      Today I allow this image to heal what is broken.
      Today I celebrate you.

      For memories //
      Year One.
      Year Two.
      Year Three.
      Year Four.
      Year Five.



      So beautifully said, Kristen. I’m glad you let it go. My son lost his baby cheeks this summer and I still feel sad about it :)

      Ohhh……I love this reflection. Although I too feel for those curls!