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Posted on by Kristen

Today was my gorgeous, beautiful, darling Mia’s second birthday.

She is my joy, my sunshine, my life. She is my reason for living and the reason I do what I do.

She makes me smile every day and she knows how to push my buttons, as well as laugh like there is no tomorrow. She knows me better than I ever thought a 2 year old could, and every day surprises me with her beautiful, soft and gentle nature that is a trademark of hers. She absolutely hates it when I sing to her (pity, since anyone that knows me knows I love to sing), loves reading books, cherishes 3:30pm when Hi-5 comes on for the afternoon, loves cuddling by tucking her arms and legs underneath her like a little ball, loves it when I take photos of her just so that she can come and sit with me to have a look at the LCD on the back of the camera, has taken an immense liking to blowing out candles on her birthday cake, hates it when we ask her to close the fridge when she hasn’t finished inspecting everything in there for the 50th time that day, loves jumping into bed to wake up daddy, is obsessed with her stacking cups from Ikea, changes her mind daily on what food she loves or loathes, loves wearing dresses and hates when I don’t let her play/eat the glue sticks that sit in the top drawer of my office.

My princess is obsessed with slides at the moment. Our daily trip to the park turns into a nightmare when trying to get her home as she refuses to leave without a tantrum. We made the quick decision therefore to get a mini playset complete with a slide (or “siiiiiiiide”, as Mia calls it) for her birthday for home. Of course, now that she knows that the slide can flip over to form stairs on the other side, every time she goes up or down she demands that we change it over from one to the other so she can have the best of both worlds at the same time. I am hoping this is only a passing fad for her and she will forget about it by tomorrow…I know, wishful thinking!

Happy 2nd birthday princess

28 Responses to Happy Birthday Princess Mia | Melbourne Child Photography

  1. Kirsten says:

    ohhhh she is too cute…
    I just love that first one!! Gorgeous.

  2. ChrissyT says:

    beeeeautiful!! When did her hair get even longer??

  3. Narrelle says:

    Oh she is soooooo divine!!!
    Love her little outfit. And how stunning is she in the black and white shot.

  4. IamMel says:

    Ohh what a gorgeous little face she has! I love her blowing out the candles. Happy 2nd Birthday gorgeous girl!! xx

  5. Lacey says:

    Happy Birthday, beautiful Mia! I love the fun Cake Collage, Kristen! So many sweet expressions! Just from looking at Mia’s photos, you can tell she has personality plus!

  6. Lana says:

    The second and third one KILLS me!! ‘those pesky candles!’
    And you’ve just described Rilka there too (almost exactly) we’ve been debating whether to get a sliiiiiide for her birthday.

  7. Welcome to the world of 2 year old’s K LOL. How did our babies get so big??? I’m a total sucker for those big puppy dog eyes of hers, she is just gorgeous.

  8. Katie says:

    What a little character she is! I just LOVE that black and white.

  9. Leah says:

    Happy Birthday baby girl!! LOVE that dress. Bought the same one for my daughter to wear last Christmas.

  10. Oh Happy Birthday sweetie.. gorgeous shots Kristen. She looks so growen up. I love the last one on the left she looks very excited..

    Beautiful perspectives and compostions..

    Oh and those pokadots. what a lovely dress..

  11. Sheridan says:

    Beautiful Kristen! Happy Birthday Darling Mia ! xo

  12. Jodie Vass says:

    Gorgeous shots. I love them and I love what you have written. So very true of this age. I have a little girl Charlotte who is 10 days younger than Mia, so what you wrote about Mia was more often than not very true for us too. It’s such a glorious age – and thankfully all the wonderful things they do in a day more than compensates for the pushing of our buttons… Enjoy every minute with your precious little girl.

  13. Wow – she looks so cute and happy. I love the dress and colours!!!!! I hope she had a fabulous birthday :)

  14. Kelly Trow says:

    Happy 2nd Birthday Mia!! Love love love the images, she just keeps on growing more and more adorable :)

  15. Happy Birthday Mia!!! gorgeous photos Kristen, what an amazing way to celebrate her day! She is just so gorgeous!

  16. Renee Bell says:

    gorgeous storyboard!!!!
    we ahve that slide.. it does pass – and soon they learn how to turn it over themselves

  17. kate says:

    she is SO adorable! happy birthday to her!

  18. Emmma says:

    Happy Birthday, Mia! I enjoyed reading your little love-story! May her always bring happyiness in your life!

  19. Danielle Hamilton says:

    so lovely to read the little details of her personality

  20. Emma Sharkey says:

    Happy birthday little Mia :)

  21. pru says:

    OMG! let me wipe the tears away so i can type!! absolutely gorgeous kristen!! i so rarely get a chance to enjoy blogs but i’m so happy to have found yours today…. (ps. glad to see you bake as well as me! i believe we had the same mud cake on mother’s day!!) BEAUTIFUL! you – not the cake! (although, really that’s pretty good too!)x

  22. Katie Toland says:

    happt birthday darling mia!
    we had the same slide too… i bought a second slide to go on it so they could have both steps and slide at the same time. xx

  23. Courtney says:

    Happy Birthday my darling little Mia.
    Looks like the slide is a huge hit, Bes!

  24. Natalie says:

    They get big so quickly don’t they, my baby boy just turned two last week as well, boo hoo.

  25. sarahb says:

    Oh she is just a perfect little doll Kristen. Happy birthday to her.

  26. Jen Stocks says:

    oh yay – Mia is 2! What an adorable little creature she is, and I LOVE her beautiful little clothes. What you have written about her is just so perfect, and beautiful. Happy birthday for the other day special little one.

  27. Kristen says:

    Your daughter is gorgeous – love your work too!! Especially the newborns – too cute!!!

  28. grace says:

    She is so cute! No wonder my twin girls were so comfy with you at Sheila’s wedding….you have had training!!!!

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